NEW e-pachTM Compact. The new wrist/laser mounted e-pach™ is the most portable unit available. Convenient. The easiest and most ergonomic unit to use. The white tipped probe allows you to see where you are on the cornea. Confident. The most accurate unit for surgery, glaucoma screening and unique intra-operative LASIK Mode.
“Most other pachymeters use a 20 MHz piezoelectric probe, where the SonoGage uses a 50Mhz probe. This is not a small difference. For intra-operative use, for that reason, I think the SonoGage is the only game in town.” – DAVE A. WALLACE, M.D. Los Angeles
See the new e-pach™ AAO 2016 Annual Meeting Chicago // October 15–18, 2016 // booth 2113
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