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  • Easy to Use - quick, accurate readings of corneal thickness. A technician can learn to use the Sonogage Corneo-Gage™ Plus in minutes.
  • Accurate 50MHz Transducer - provides 2.5 times more resolution than other ultrasonic pachometers.
  • Epithelium Mode - useful for monitoring regression in refractive surgery patients and for corneal reshaping, CRT and ORTHO-K.
  • Completely Portable - move it from lane to lane, office to office.
  • IOP Correction Nomogram - built in IOP correction nomogram.
  • Reimbursable (CPT 76514) - for glaucoma patients, hypertension suspects, keratoconus, dystrophies and more.
  • SONOGAGE - the innovator in ultrasonic pachometry for over nineteen years.
  • Research and Education - Sonogage is the only ultrasound or pachometer company dedicated to providing education and research to enhance your practice and provide a better quality of care for your patients.
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